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Pragmatic Business Solutions - "9 Step" Process Stages
Process Stages Actions Inputs
Initial customer discussion to identify opportunities and customer requirements Identify and prioritize potential areas of improvement

PBS Group - customer meeting to define the needs, determine proposal outline - including agreement as to the desired outcome, discussion of the approach / tools to be employed. This step is designed to develop the appropriate information with which to draft the proposal.
Form teams and develop precise project scope and problem statements Translate process improvement goals into clearly defined projects

"Identification of resources in the client company with whom to work, definition of processes for ongoing interaction with the client, agree to the deliverables, define methodology for the project, develop timeline with deliverables, set up ongoing communication processes
1. Priority of problems to be addressed (no more than 5)
2. Areas of focus
3. Precise problem statements
4. Tasks to be accomplished
5. Metrics for measuring success
6. Target goal timing
7. Assignment of responsibilities - completion of template "
Outline and analyze the"As Is" situation. Collaborative- team process to determine current company specifics in a methodical and organized manner

"Establish template to develop understanding, organizational agreement, and communication of the specific current detailed situation regarding the previously identified problem statements. Allows the problem statements to be attacked in an organized and methodical way. Allows an understanding of the problem statements from a collaborative organizational perspective. Outline ""As Is"" Process Identify Problems With the ""As-Is"" Process Identify Customer Requirements and Metrics for Each Identify Largest Problems and Root Causes "
Define Desired Outcomes for "To Be Results" Envision "To Be" process characteristics and steps in the process

"Data gathering to develop understanding, organizational agreement, and communication of the specific desirable and achievable goals for the previously identified problem statements. - to be formed in a collaborative way with organizational buy in. Intensive PBS Partner / Customer collaboration -Template format - Determine ""To-Be"" Process Characteristics Gather Benchmark Data (if appropriate)
Agree on improvement approach
1. Containment
2. Incremental
3. Breakthrough Outline the ""To-Be"" Process Steps "
Gap Analysis Define tasks to close gap from the "AS IS" to the "To Be"

Intensive Customer / PBS Partner collaboration. Revision of problem statements as necessary. Assignment of objectives, tasks, timing and responsibilities. Assure internal agreement and functional area buy in.
Prioritize, plan and test proposed solutions
Review actions and develop plans to test solutions. Determine who will be effected by testing. Test solutions, analyze and document results. Review alternatives if solutions are not valid.
Refine and Implement Integrate results from solutions testing into overall operation and involve people to ensure their acceptance of the improvements

Develop a plan for implementation of final solution. Determine who will be affective by the improvement. Implement the plan. Document results, establish measurement strategy.
Measure progress and hold gains. Track progress against established measurements

Measure progress over time and evaluate. Validate progress against goals (template). Obtain customer feedback. Obtain agreement on next new goal.
Acknowledge team and communicate results Recognition of achievements and motivation for improvements

Determine appropriate recognition. Deliver recognition and/or reward. Communicate results.