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Mergers and Acquisitions
PBS Group is actively engaged in the acquisition of transitional companies where member's senior management experience, strategy expertise, or funding capabilities will add enterprise value.
PBS Acquisition Objectives/Activities
Identify manufacturing or consumer products companies that:
  • Participate in niche industries
  • Have relatively few competitors with no overwhelmingly dominant market leader
  • Fit into a clearly defined strategy for growth
  • Have definable operational issues
  • May be slightly below cash flow break even
Provide management expertise and capital to successfully grow for business
  • Prepare due diligence to identify company strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats
  • Develop short term corrective actions and long term growth strategies
  • Identify need for, and required amount of, capital to fund growth plan
  • Identify potential equity participants
Industries currently under consideration
  • Have 10-12 key competitors with no overwhelmingly dominant industry leader
  • Are primarily composed of private, family owned companies
  • Have well defined customer bases and different market segments and product offerings
  • Generally fall under the radar for the most equity firms
Companies currently in discussions have:
  • Focused on costs/operations and have reduced their product costs to competitive levels
  • Taken the businesses to break even or near break even levels
  • No clear sales/marketing focus or strategy
  • Good products and are well thought of in the market place
  • Product design and/or innovation advantage
  • Investors that have over invested during the past few years and are fatiqued
  • Potential for both internal and acquisition growth strategies
  • Investors that are unable or unwilling to determine and support a broader growth strategy